Sunday, 30 March 2008

"You're fragile, you're beautiful, you're great...."

In the last 4 years, we have seen solo projects from 3 former A*Teens, Dhani, Marie Serneholt (with one of my fave pop albums of 2006) and last year Sara with Glamour Bitch and her cover of Let's Get Physical. Now it is the turn of Amit, to unleash his solo material on the world. First of all I need to say it has definitely been worth the wait, his songs are very singer-songwriter-ish and would be the perfect musical soundtrack for One Tree Hill or one of those other US teen drama's.

His debut album, Songs In The Key Of Mine, is due for release in Sweden on the 4th April and if lead single, Stay and the other songs available to stream on his myspace are anything to go by, it is definitely going to be an album worth buying. Stay is a great uptempo guitar-pop song which could definitely be a hit in both the UK and US, but the most instant of his songs is definitely Judge You, which I have had on repeat ALL afternoon and is available to download NOW from Amit's myspace.

Check out Amit's myspace here and see what you think of the songs.


Paul said...

the site is looking great :) I had no idea that there was more solo A*Teens work in the offing :) And it sounds pretty decent. Thanks for the heads up!

The Blogger Formerly Known As Digital Technique said...

Thanks Paul! Yeah 2008 looks like being a good year for solo A*teens stuff with Amit's album, Marie's second album expected in the Summer and Sara's debut before the end of the year!