Monday, 31 March 2008

"Were holding time in our hands...."

I had to post this song when I found out it had leaked in full, it is Break of Dawn, the first single from Destiny's Child's Michelle Williams' third solo album. The album is entitled Unexpected and is her first mainstream R&B album, after the success of the gospel albums, Heart To Yours and Do You Know. Although I am not a fan of gospel albums, I am a fan of Michelle's and have copies of both her previous albums, Do You Know in particular being an older (2004) album that I still listen to regularly.

The album is due for release in August 2008 via Music World Entertainment/Columbia Records, preceded by 2 singles, Break The Dawn in April and the Stargate produced Stop This Car nearer the time. It is interesting that the release schedule has changed, as Stop This Car originally leaked first and was the planned lead single but I can kind of see why it has been changed. Stop This Car is much more mellow sounding than Break The Dawn which will grab attention much more, as to many people Michelle is pretty much a new artist as far as solo success goes.

Listening to the two singles and the clip of the title track, Unexpected that has also leaked, it sounds like Michelle could have a successful album on her hands, providing her management and record label give her the opportunity to show what she can do. Following Kelly Rowland's success in Europe with her 2 most recent singles, Like This and Work, plus the upcoming Daylight, is Michelle also going to give Beyonce a run for her money as DC's most successful solo artist? See what you think.

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Adem With An E said...


That song is SERIOUSLY FIERCE. That's the best unremixed Destiny's solo single in a VERY long time.