Sunday, 30 March 2008

"Things look a little different around here...."

As you've probably noticed, I've had a bit of a facelift and given the blog a new look. The songs that I've posted over the last week or so since I launched The DJ Plays My Favourite Songs have all been moved over onto my old blog Digital Technique, in preparation for the relaunch which I have been working on this weekend.

Instead of posting loads of MP3's here, I am going to feature more music news, the latest videos, album reviews and loads of other bits and pieces I haven't even thought of yet. At the same time, Digital Technique is making a limited comeback with maybe one post a week, so if you're looking for the usual mix of long forgotten pop 'classics' then that is the place for you to go.

Anyway have a look around the new and improved The DJ Plays My Favourite Songs and see what you think of it.

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