Sunday, 30 March 2008

"Like a wounded bird in the lonely sky...."

Hands up if you remember Ruslana Stepanivna Lyzhychko or just Ruslana as she is better known, well she is gearing up for the release of her second English language album, Wild Energy, this year. Of course, Ruslana is still best known outside of her native Ukraine for her winning performance of Wild Dances at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest and subsequent success throughout Europe with the song and album of the same name. Since then, Ruslana has kept herself busy releasing a remix album in 2005 and working on Amazonka, the Ukranian version of Wild Energy which she has just released. Away from her music, Ruslana was elected as a member of the Ukranian parliament in 2006 but stood down in June 2007.

This is the first single from Wild Energy and features a guest appearance from US rapper T-Pain, which seems to be a conscious effort to try and launch Ruslana to a wider audience, a la Kylie's reworking of All I See with MIMS for the US release of X. Although working with US stars can help your career, it doesn't always work as planned, for example Alsou's 2005 collaboration with Nelly on Wish I Didn't Know and her duet with Bon Jovi on Livin' On A Prayer for the Russian release of the latter's album, This Left Feels Right, neither of which were ever officially released.

If the eventual plan for Wild Energy is for a release in the US, would it be successful? To continue with the Kylie comparison, at least she has already had some, albeit limited, success with her previous albums Fever and to a lesser extent Body Language both charting well in the US. Whatever the reason for the collaboration with T-Pain, Moon Of Dreams is another catchy single from Ruslana which deserves to be a hit, at least in Europe. I still love Wild Dances, the album, and am looking forward to more English language songs from Ruslana, especially after hearing this song and am particularly intrigued by the rumoured Missy Elliott collaboration entitled The Girl That Rules.

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Anonymous said...

A very good song. Personally, i love it. Too bad it was not better promoted. It's dynamic and sounds really great!